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Love Boat - The Real Story. Cruise to the high North


The long planned family vacation to the Northern Lighs is close. It was distinct from the beginning that it will be a cruise. Everyone who would get to know of these plans would then immediately ask the one word question "Hurtigrouten?". The one word answer to it is "No.", the more elaborate is "No, we decided to go with AIDA primarily because of the easy arrival within Germany. Yes, I do believe that we will be spared the loud holiday club and party atmosphere like on Mallorca on this route."

The journey is called "Winter in the high North" and part of the travel operator's catalogue since 2017. You can read two travel reports in German here:


  1. My notes have been unecpectedly evolved into a lengthy report (>5000 words) separated into several articles:

    This is the complete report. Comments are open on the single articles. Have fun reading.

  2. Initially some bullet points were written down to remember for filling out the AIDA feedback form but I left these here. I put these in a blue box.

  3. Personal tips and side notes are put in an orange box.

AIDA feedback

... is in this blue box.

Anke's tips

... look like this.

Translation incomplete.

Translation into English is still in progress, articles to go: Trondheim, Bye Trondheim, Bergen, Day at the sea

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