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A GTK+ manager for Nikola powered websites


Status Beta
Language Python
Role Maintainer

The good thing about static site generators is: it's all just text files. The bad thing about static site generators is: it's all text files - how do I keep track of it?


  • have an overview of posts, pages, listings, images, files, translations and site statistics

  • open files from app or load article in a browser on right click

  • keep track of changes made since last build (hint: bold)

  • create new posts and pages

  • write in default reStructuredText, Markdown is also available if configured

  • build, preview and deploy to GitHub or GitLab or a custom target¹

  • create translation files on right click in the 'Translation' tab

  • bookmark and switch between different Nikola site instances

  • push/pull changes to/from GitGub without building and deploying the site so you can edit articles on multiple places/systems

NoN - Knights of Ni