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Love Boat - The Real Story. Honningsvåg

Day 6. The end of the world

The past days make me sleep until 7 o'clock. We will be at sea until the evening and stay overnight at the port of Honningsvåg.

After the stunning previous experiences everybody is in high spirits. There are currently no seasickness casualies in our small tourist group. Even our youngest member seems to have adapted to life on the boat, he is high-fiving staff at breakfast and makes an appointment to the Kids Club later.

Circumnavigating the North Cape in mystic lights

In the afternoon we pass the North Cape during sundown. There is clear sight and one can see the North Cape hall and the globe from afar. Stunned in fascination I'm standing on deck 6 for almost an hour and enjoy the sight.

Later it gets windy and starts snowing. The nightly excursions to the North Cape are canceled, the road is not opened because of the weather conditions. It is still uncertain if the excursions will happen tomorrow.

K. and me roam through the empty, sleepy Honningsvåg. We take a closer look at the ship and discover: the crew night club is located right behind our cabins. Well, that explains a lot...

Honningsvåg covered in snow. A ship.

Then green haze. Polar lights. As we return to the ship the show is just starting. Green, even a few red northern lights are dancing in the sky for hours.

Not all heros wear capes. [Bamse, the canine war hero.](

Day 7. North Cape

Two perfect polar lights cruise days are behind us. Anything upcoming is just decoration on the cake.

We get ready for the land excursion to the North Cape which we had already seen from the ocean side just yesterday. It was cold and windy up there but the sight was clear and the place definitely worth the visit even without midnight sun.

Hilsener fra Nordkapp! Tourist level over 9000!

In the evening the swell is getting stronger again and so I enjoyed the rest of the evening at the AIDA Bar.

It's all so terrible...